It's time to be more certain about  your financial future

Take control of your money and achieve your financial goals. It's free, easy, and jargon free. Start feeling good about your money now.

All the features to plan as far as you want

No matter your life-stage we can help - from budgeting to insurance and estate planning.

Get the big picture of your pay

Income. Get the most from your pay by understanding deductions and taxes.

Get a benchmark of your expenses compared to others like you

Expenses. Easily understand how you spend compared to others like you. 

Build a future-proof-budget that considers your future plans and the present

Budgeting. Build not only your as-is but also your should-be budget.

Do what you can to reduce your taxes where you can

Tax Optimization. Keep your plan tax-optimized even after making changes.

Insure what you need for as long as you need, don't pay for what you don't need

Insurance. Take the guessing out, we help you figure out what you need and when.

Make sure you put enough in pre-tax and after-tax savings based on your plans

Savings. We let you know how to best allocate your savings to get the most from them.

Take control of your financial future

Long or short-term, we help you make the financial decisions to make your future happen.


Dad, Husband & Entrepreneur

“I always wanted to take a few years to work on a startup, but I needed to know how it would affect our long-term plans. I found out with Life Dreams in under 20 min.”

Entrepreneur that needs to know how long he has before profits


“We both work, and we wanted to know if one of us could stay-at-home with our new baby without making radical changes to our future plans. Life Dreams gave us the answer.”

New dad wanting to know if someone can stay ast home

Baby Planning


Dad, Husband & CEO

“Our finances were feeling a bit out-of-control. I needed a way to get control back and make sure we were on the right path. Voila! Did it in a couple of hours thanks to Life Dreams.

Needs to control expenses to save more for retirement.

Budget Control


Mom, Wife & Marketing VP

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How it works

Quickly find out how you spend your money.

We make it easy to organize your expenses and get a full picture of your current yearly and monthly finances



We will tell you what it takes for other people like you to maint your lifestyle in a city like yours.

Stop wondering if you spend too much or too little.


Dad's Retirement $17,400 yr. Mom's Retirement $17,400 yr. Dad's Car Replacement $10,700 yr, New Home $59,400 yr. Family's Nest Egg $1.4M

Add your future goals and easily personalize them.

Pick your goals from our goals library, learn about their costs and easily personalize them to fit your plans. 

Total Income $230,700, Fixed Expenses -$144,600, Variable Expenses -$35,160, Savings for Goals -$32,200, Yearly Balance $18,660
Dad's Job Income $90,000 yr. Mom's Job Income $110,000 yr. Home Expenses $45,000 yr. Adult Expenses $26,000 yr.
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Pay only for what you use, nothing more

Plan as far out as you need.  No time limits and always free.  We are committed to happier finances.


FREE always

Get expert advice to get more from your money - from taxes and debt, to savings and insurance.



and up


Follow your plan's progress and let our experts monitor economic trends for opportunities or changes.


monthly fee 


Debt. Learn about good and bad debt and what order to pay things off.

Monitoring. Our experts monitor trends to spot risks and opportunities to your plan.

We keep an eye out for you making sure your plan stays consistent despite economic ups and downs
Understand good and bad debt, pay down bad debt
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See how today's money choices will look like next month, decade, and beyond. Try different scenarios and build a plan for a stronger tomorrow.

Built for you, not for finance experts

Bank Level Security

Bank level encryption

See how far your savings will fund your future plans.


Easily try different What if? scenarios to find your balance between today and tomorrow

Total Income $230,700, Fixed Expenses -$144,600, Variable Expenses -$35,160, Savings for Goals -$32,200, Yearly Balance $18,660
Bank Level Security

No personal or banking information needed and it's free.

See how today's money choices will look like next year, decade, and beyond.

Easily build your budget

Use your bank accounts, enter your own expenses, or use estimates from people like you. 

Say goodbye to endless categorization of expenses and unreliable bank feeds.

Get peer comparisons

Learn how you spend compared to people just like you. No more useless national averages.

Learn how you spend compared to other people just like you.

Add all your goals

Add all your goals in one place. Easily personalize them and learn about their cost and savings needs. 

See how today's money choices will look like next year, decade, and beyond.

See your financial future

Quickly see how your finances will support your future goals and try different What If? scenarios.

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